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Cat food during pregnancy

Good nutrition for cats during pregnancy is one of the necessary things that keep these beautiful creatures all they need to be in the best health and condition.

Cat food during pregnancy differs slightly from the food that you may eat in its normal periods of life, some cat breeders believe that the cat during pregnancy does not need excessive feeding, as some think that excessive feeding of cats leads to more health, and both things are wrong.

A balanced feeding of a pregnant cat is the best way to bring the health of a mother cat and kittens to safety.

Among the most common mistakes in the amount of cat food during pregnancy is the large number of feeding at the beginning of the pregnancy and the lack of feeding with the approaching birth, and this is an error that we will explain in detail, as we will explain how to feed the cats during pregnancy and before birth

Cat food before mating and pregnancy
When you decide to have your cat mate, there are some instructions that you should take care of in your cat’s food. Cats need a lot of high-quality food, which contains proteins and essential nutrients that help the cat during the period of ovulation and pregnancy.

Cat food during pregnancy, especially during the ovulation and mating period, should mainly depend on the cat’s supply of vitamin A and B, since cats cannot form this vitamin through vegetables.

While it can extract these important vitamins through foods such as (liver, kidneys). Therefore, feeding your cat in a balanced manner will help keep your cat healthy and supply it with the necessary vitamins during the mating period.

Care should also be taken to supply the cats with vitamin B, which is found mainly in eggs, liver, fish, and poultry. Vitamin B is responsible for maintaining an ideal weight for the cat, as it is responsible for preventing various diseases such as lack of appetite, hair loss, and wounds that appear around the cat’s mouth.

The importance of water in the life of cats during pregnancy
Clean water should be provided to the pregnant cat all the time. You should notice your cat and make sure that there is plenty of water easily in your cat during pregnancy because the water is very necessary for the health of a pregnant cat. Be sure to clean the cat’s bowls with your water in it, and always ensure that your cat has plenty of water to keep it healthy

Cat food during pregnancy
After the pregnancy has occurred and making sure of that by noticing the signs of pregnancy on the cat, or by televisions at the veterinarian, you should pay attention to your cat’s food in a balanced way in the first days and weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid the occurrence of obesity that affects the cat and its health in general, we explain that In detail as follows:

Cat food in the first week to the fourth week of pregnancy
The average gestation period for cats is 8 to 9 weeks (60 to 70 days). Cats at the start of their pregnancy do not need any additional feeding.

Contrary to the common belief that some people think that cats in their early pregnancy need more food to help the kittens grow, this is a big mistake.

You have to continue the same balanced feeding pattern as your cat in the first weeks of pregnancy until the fourth week. Do not increase the dose of pregnant cat food, and do not increase the food intake at each meal, as this could expose your cat to obesity.

It is true that young cats begin to grow in the first four weeks of pregnancy, but this does not require any additional feeding. On the contrary, you may notice that your cat develops some loss of appetite in the third week of pregnancy. Do not worry about it.

You should only be concerned if your cat completely abstains from eating for 24 – 48 hours continuously. At that time, you should immediately contact your veterinarian to find out what solutions to follow and properly carry out the pregnancy

Cat food in the fifth to eighth week of pregnancy
Cat food during pregnancy and before birth

After the fourth week in a cat’s pregnancy, the kittens begin to grow quickly within the cat’s womb, and you can easily notice the movement of the kittens after the fifth week of pregnancy has passed.

During this time, the kittens in the womb of the mother cat need more nutrition to help them grow. Of course, the mother cat alone cannot provide all of this nutrition, so you must change her cat’s eating pattern during this period of pregnancy

In the fifth and sixth weeks, gradually start increasing your cat’s food by 25% until you reach the food increase of 50% in the last weeks of your cat’s pregnancy. This means that if you feed your cat 100 grams of food in normal circumstances, you must gradually increase the amount to 150 grams to keep the cat healthy and the fetus healthy.

Of course, you should pay attention to the foods rich in necessary vitamins as we explained before, and if these foods are expensive, you can buy some dry food (Dry Food) for the pregnant cat, these foods contain vitamins necessary for cats, but we do not recommend relying only on dry food (dry food) They may harm cats in the long run

 Feed the cats in the last week of pregnancy
After approaching the last weeks of carrying a cat, you may notice that in the last week of pregnancy the cat refrains from eating in many periods, and matters reach their climax on the last day before birth, the cat begins to largely abstain from eating, and may completely stop eating another 24 48 hours immediately before pregnancy.

During this period, you should not stop eating the cat, but you must understand that the cat may not want to eat completely, so do not force it to do so and never worry, then you should only make sure that there is food in front of it and follow its behavior immediately before birth .. Read: signs of birth Cats in pictures .. How do you know that your cat will give birth?

How do I know that I provide enough food for a pregnant cat?
You can easily tell if the food is enough or not by cat litter. If the cat’s litter is many or is of large size, or if the cat is serving more than usual, this is an indication of a large number of food provided to it. vice versa. If the cat is not taking out or is taking out in much smaller amounts than usual, it means that its feeding is poor.

Supplements in pregnant cat food
Some veterinarians advise giving cats vitamins and supplements that help the kittens to grow properly and help a pregnant cat to maintain its health. But we see that as long as the cat does not show any symptoms, do not give it any supplements or vitamins, too many vitamins or unnecessary nutritional supplements may have a devastating effect on the health of the cat and the health of the fetuses and small cats

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